Saturday, November 24, 2007

Art Show Angst

It has been a very busy 2 weeks since my last posting. We are finishing up all the loose ends of the artwork for the show on Dec. 15th. Ordering bases for sculptures, checking paintings and sculptures for damage and repairing it, mailing invitations, sending final press releases, etc. Starting Monday, we will start some new artwork for the show knowing that all the other details are cleaned up and we can move forward confidently.

The show date is finally becoming tangible. Looking forward to getting out of the studio (something we have not been doing much of lately), and seeing old friends, new customers, and renewing acquaintances at the show. Sounds kind of like we are bears getting over hibernation. Does seem like it though.

Art Shows for artists are really a love/hate thing. Shows are great for getting the artist out of the studio and forcing them to use social skills. Some artists would rather stay in their studios and create. Not me. I like seeing people, getting feedback on my work, seeing who my customer is, breathing in air not filled with stone dust, and best of all selling my wifes' and my work. Simple things really. Also gives me an excuse to talk with friends (after the show) and also evaluate the gallery the show is being held at.

Part of being self-employed as an artist is to enjoy some of the benefits of self-employment. Shows, selling, friends, and also the solitude of the studio all are part and parcel of the package. Got to love all of it. Fortunately I do most of the time.

copyright 2007 by Carl Wright

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