Friday, November 30, 2007

The Disarray at the Artist’s Studio

Normally, an artist’s studio is a reflection of the artist’s personality. If the artist tends to be somewhat unkempt – so goes the studio and usually their living space. This is true if you are a painter or in one of the messier mediums like sculpture. This goes double for shows if one person is in a show. If a couple is involved, the mess can be exponential. Fortunately in our home there is a counterbalance.

Jody is a very clean painter. She can wear a white sweater while painting and never get a paint splatter on it. If only I could be so graceful. Me, I tend to attract dirt like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt. My studio, never a paragon of neatness and order is considerably dirtier than normal. I figure in two weeks I can worry about the niceties of dust collection and rigid, military-like order. In two weeks the opening reception for Jody’s and my show will be done. Time enough later for order and cleanliness to make an appearance. That being said, I have instituted a rudimentary order, on the tools I use in the studio, recently which is paying some great benefits. Do not think that will extend to keeping the sculpture studio hygienically clean.

The wonderful thing about a show is that it attracts other positive events. Most of my work is usually funneled through a gallery. With the advent of the show, I have picked up two commissions. Neither commission knew about the show. Getting one commission at a time is great. Two is almost unheard of – but welcome. Jody has also got a commission coming in. Note to self – Is there a correlation between being in a one or two-person show and more work rolls in? Will have to try this as an experiment.

copyright 2007 Carl Wright

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