Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art Collecting Article Part 2

Where to look for art?

The ideal non-confrontational place to start is in art history survey books. After spotting some “schools” or trends that you like, branch out from there. Also go to museums both for the older more classic works (Renaissance for example) and also to museums that carry the more contemporary and cutting edge artists. From sheer dint of observing, you can quickly start to see what you do and don’t like. The important thing is not to see 5 museums in one day. You will experience "art fatigue" – the sickness of, at 4 in the afternoon, not remembering what you saw at 10 am.

With a willing partner or spouse, this can make for a wonderful date. Not all dates have to end up at the movies or the amusement park. With this partner or spouse you have the opportunity to discuss art – why you like or dislike it. This can stimulate your thinking and move you past the typical subjects of discussing illnesses, what is happening at the office, and what Madonna is doing this week etc.

After getting your feet wet with art in museums and books – time to delve into the internet. You can find lots of galleries that handle artwork in similar veins to what you looked at on your previous outings. There is also a plethora of local artists that have open studios that you can visit, community art shows, public art, etc.

Now you are ready to fly on your own. By now you now have some likes and dislikes in art. The important thing with art is to look at art outside of your immediate likes and dislikes occasionally. You will occasionally find some wonderful art that you never knew of – it’s worth it. Also, as you see more art, your taste in art will also change. So when you buy – buy art that really grips you by the throat and won’t let you go. Those art pieces you will never outgrow.

To sum up in a pithy way the foregoing article from said: ”Following someone else's collecting advice is generally more expensive than doing your own research and making your own decisions”. I would add that it is also not as much fun.

Go out have some fun, enjoy time looking with your loved one and get to learn about something that you do not normally encounter.

Painting: Women in Red Dress by Ralph Basford

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