Monday, December 15, 2008

Is art for your company necessary?

Art is necessary for your company but only if it is a good fit. Art for your company should reinforce your image and brand. It should add to your clients comfort level about doing business with you. If you are a financial company it should be: abstract but not bizarre, stately but not pretentious, and understated colors.

Art is a wonderful way to introduce your client subliminally to the company values. Also helps reinforce your sales message. Like in the financial company example above: warm and delightful design would be far better than cold, hard, metal like surfaces.

According to two recent studies[1], art in the workplace is a way to enliven your work environment, produce better results for in-house projects and convey professionalism and sophistication to clients.
[1] The two studies are:
Work Environment: An Organization’s Intangible Asset
By: Jackie L. Hartman and Ningkun Wang of Colorado State University

Contemporary Patronage: Corporate Art Investment
By: Caroline Made of University of St. Andrews

Maybe now would be the right time to reinforce your corporate image and align it with your brand. Might make it easier to close the sale. Also changes the industrial look of a building or suite of buildings.

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