Saturday, November 24, 2007

Think Fine Art for Christmas

Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

Ruminating on Black Friday and excruciating shopping expeditions makes me think that there is a solution for holiday shopping blues. (Now that is a record – two colors mentioned in the same sentence as adjectives without trying.) Instead of enduring the crushes of humanity to get the next “latest and greatest” present that will be forgotten in a drawer in a month – think art.

There are several reasons to think art for the holidays. Fine art and fine crafts are a great way to get a beautiful, well-made gift for a pittance when bought from an artist direct, compared to what a department store would charge. The artwork/present can be personalized by a dedication that is written on the back or in an inconspicuous place of the artwork. You would have the opportunity to get a present for a loved one that is made domestically and with great care and thought. Getting a present from an artist would also show that you put a lot of time and thought into the gift; which is true. Finally the clincher: little or no crowds like there are in major malls etc.

Sounds like some convincing arguments. So when it is time to get the gifts for the special people in your life, think localthink art.

copyright 2007 by Carl Wright

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