Monday, December 31, 2007

Artist Studio: Client Expectations

You are psyched up. You have seen this brilliant artist’s work at a gallery. You know deep down that this is just the artist for you. Before calling the artist and making an appointment, you had better check up on the artist.

Check to see if the artist has a website. If he/she does, look carefully at it. Particularly if it is sculpture, check to see what all the views are on the different sculptures. See how the different sides integrate together. Next, see if the artist has several different styles or mediums that they work in. If they do work in different styles or mediums, familiarize yourself with them. Decide right then if you want to see these extra styles. Getting to the artists studio and finding out that more styles are available is great but can be tiring. Nicely negotiating not to see these “wonderful other styles” is tiring. Better to be clear from the start about what you are looking for. Beside you want to save your attention and design judgment for the style you are really interested in.

For example, an apocryphal story has it that Picasso usually painted in two different styles. He was said to paint in one style in the morning on a canvas and in another style on a different canvas in the afternoon. So do check up on the artist. You may find that the style that the artist is working in, that is not in the gallery, is more interesting than what was in the gallery.

Also once you get to the artist studio, be prepared for some difference in style and color than what you had seen previously at the gallery. This bit of mystery is one of the wonderful aspects of visiting an artist studio. Above all enjoy the visit. Take time to get to know the artist. They really are not that different from you.

copyright 2007 Carl Wright

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