Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motion Installed in Portsmouth, VA

Just got back on Thursday from installing the sculpture Motion at the Courthouse Galleries in Portsmouth, VA. Motion is part of the 6th annual Courthouse Galleries Exterior Sculpture Series that runs from March 4 – October 9th, 2011. There will be approximately 10 more sculptures that will be installed at 3 different locations around Portsmouth.

The install was wonderfully smooth. The birthing process (installation) was facilitated by Ken the great forklift operator, from the city of Portsmouth.

Got the opportunity to stay in a 100 year old home, see a bit of Portsmouth, and also experience parking Portsmouth-style. Downtown Portsmouth, since it is an older city, has parking problems that are solved in an interesting way. Many of the main streets are wide so the city has allocated the middle of the street to park vehicles two abreast. Makes one pay a lot more attention to driving instead of gawking at the sites & architecture.

So, this spring when you are thinking of going to Busch Gardens or Williamsburg for a weekend; drive another 35 miles down I-64E to Portsmouth for the sculpture exhibit. You can have a great lunch while seeing sculpture. Now that is a great prelude to either Busch Gardens or Williamsburg.

copyright 2011 Carl Wright

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