Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Northshore Sculpture Park

I am back from installing the sculpture Aria in the Northshore Sculpture Park, in Skokie, IL. I truly believe that a lot of Public Art Programs could learn from the dedicated professionals and the city of Skokie on how to run an organization. It was a pleasure to be involved in an install with them.

Joe Folise, of both NSP and the city of Skokie, coordinated the effort and helped make for a seamless, non-stressful install. The installation crew of two were superb. The crew joked & had a good time but made the huge front end-loader, which picked up Aria & her pedestal, work like a fine precision machine.

The board members who came out to meet the hapless sculptor, me, were gracious & helpful. The install was complete & beautiful after an hour - just as it should be.

In addition, the follow though of the board members after I left Skokie was amazying. They did a simple thing but did it well. They promised to do some detail work & then did it in a timely, highly professional manner. Am virtually speechless.

Oliver Twist said it best (not about painless sculpture installs, but food; still applies) - "More Please".

The sculpture Aria is located or McCormick Blvd. between Touhy & Howard Avenues. The park is open 24/7 to bikers, joggers, people pushing strollers and lunch-time munchers. The park is approximately 35' wide and 2 miles long. There are 66 sculptures in the park. The next town down from Skokie thought that the Sculpture Park was such a good idea, they extended it into their town.

If you have the opportunity to go to Chicago, ditch your appointment in Chicago and visit the Sculpture Park. The appointment was for an ephemeral problem of only slight importance. The sculpture park is tangible & real. A year after going to Chicago, you won't be able to recall why you went to Chicago; you will remember the Northshore Sculpture Park.

copyright 2010 Carl Wright

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