Friday, November 20, 2009

Sculpture Fundraiser

Pictured at left is Oberon the scupture dog. He was a resident at the Berkeley County Humane Society - one of the NPO's funds are being raised for - before coming to live with us.

Recently, I have been thinking about combining two things: my Dad & how I miss him and also how lucky I am to be self-employed at something I enjoy.

My Dad died 18 years ago from Colorectal Cancer. It was an ugly sight to see. I would not wish that cancer or the opportunity to live with it on anyone.

Also have been thinking how fortunate I am to sculpt items that people want, and sculpt for a living. My wife, Jody, and my dogs, Ryan and Oberon, are constant sources of love and support. Ryan & Oberon came to us from shelters. How to support these non-profit organizations that have contributed to my ability to live and work?

I have picked three non-profits that are doing good work day in and day out that I believe in. They are: the Colorectal Cancer Coalition, Briggs Animal Adoption Center and the Berkeley County Humane Society. For these reasons I am hosting a sculpture fundraiser, the Giving & Carving Fundraiser, for them that runs from now til December 31, 2009.

The details are here at: . The sculptures for the fundraiser are here: .

Buying a sculpture will help these non-profits meet their goals of helping end cancer and being an ally in the human to animal matchmaker business.

Purchase a sculpture if you can to support a great cause(s). Pass on this information to friends and neighbors that might be interested.

Also take a look at our latest newsletter at: for more news on Carl, Jody and some of their friends.

Thanks for your help. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.
Crescendo one of the sculptures in the Giving & Carving Fundraiser
copyright 2009 Carl Wright

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