Monday, May 14, 2012

Jody's final book, that is out for all formats the Ipad, Nook & Kindle, is titled Cat Secrets that Humans Should Know.   This is a an extension of her animals series.  First came 50 Secrets Humans Should Know, then Secrets Human Kids Should Know.  The Cat Secrets have been carefully teased out from three cats Jody & I have owned - two female store-bought cats & 1 ferrel male alley cat that we (really I) befriended - Jody was just seen as an object by Odo the male cat.  To Odo, my partner Jody was just "her" (said with a hiss) a barely tolerable person.  In the book, the cat with warpaint on his face & draped over a blue jean leg is Odo.   To find out more information on how to buy this e-pub go on our website to : 

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