Sunday, May 16, 2010

Leasing/Renting Sculpture

In these challenging times, art can still provide the necessary impetusto your home or office through leasing & renting. Leasing & renting can be a cost-effective method of obtaining artwork: to woo a new & important client, to reinforce the business culture, underlining your commitment to the business you are in [renting a sculpture that is about music for a recording studio], be a conversation starter with a new client, or show a broad interest in culture as it applies to you and your business.
Leasing artwork is for a set amount of time, depending on the artwork 1 - 2 years. Leasing is a wonderful way to conserve money while beautifying your surroundings. The artwork is tax-deductable like the lease on your copier or the leased computers. Leasing gives you the opportunity to see several different artworks over the lease term, if you like, and not be saddled with one that either you or your business wil outgrow. At the end of the lease there is a small buyout and the artowrk is yours.
Renting is a viable option for a short term need. Many short term needs such as: a photoshoot [weddings, business anniversary parties, etc.] and to "set-the-stage" for an important client ar ehard to plan for & find the right items to meake the right impression.
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