Friday, August 7, 2009

Update on Sculpture News

Just got back from picking up sculpture in Algonquin. I drove through Ohio, Indiana, and part of Illinois on US Route 30. What a beautiful drive. If you are looking for a nice quiet spot to stay for the night I would suggest Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Nice people, nice community.

Eihei & Motion - above

Kind of like living in Martinsburg; you are 60 miles from anything fun to do, live in a semi-rural community, people are reserved but friendly. Big difference is that Martinsburg has 25K+ people. Upper Sandusky has 6,533.

Just a quick update on sculpture.

1. Eihei & Motion are back from Algonquin, IL if you are interested in them. The link to them is:


2. A new sculpture named Counterpoint is complete. The link to it is at:

The links to the sculptures listed above also have some extra information on the sculpture. This includes: the individual back story for the sculpture, how that sculpture relates to others, and what series the sculpture belongs to and what the sculpture series is about.

3. If you are interested in sculpture, or an approach to visiting galleries and artist studios, or an approach to hanging art on the walls of a home below are some articles to make them feel more at home.

4. Available sculpture at my studio:

5. Finally, if you are curious, here is a 45 second video on the beginning of a sculpture (it is from one of my Facebook Pages): Gives you the feel of the zen of stone sculpting.

Counterpoint - above

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