Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Things for the New Year

Expanding on the 12/25 theme, Jody and I did more office revamping.
She and I both bought new computers. Hers is a "Beast" at least according to the salesclerk at Circuit City. My new computer is not quite the Beast hers is but is quite a bit faster and also has lots more ram than my old computer.

While we were buying computers, Jody thought I needed a new office chair - so we got one. that started me on a new journey. Got rid of the old office chair and now the new chair is too low for the computer, resulting in aching wrists and shoulders. Can't cut down the legs on the old computer table since it is an Arts & Crafts table.

Now because of the new computer and new chair - a new desk, at the proper height, is in order. I am proud to report that the new computer desk is just about complete. Hopefully by Saturday, the wrists and shoulders will get back to normal with the new desk. Does this sound like a normal chain of events in your life?

On to better news, have bid on 4 new public art projects and am just starting on a fifth one. All of these projects are less than 250 miles from home - a plus. Am very excited about the prospects of new and much larger projects being shipped out of the studio. Also excited about the January weather receding a bit from lows of 15 degrees at night.

Speaking of shipping out - just got word that I have been picked up by an art consultancy with offices in Atlanta, LA, and West Palm Beach. This is very exciting. Been working towards this for awhile. Am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Finally, have gotten around to making it easier to subscribe to the blog. Sometimes all it takes is 6 months to get to things.

ps - the sculptures name is Shizukesa. It is carved in white marble

copyright 2009 Carl Wright

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