Saturday, September 13, 2008

Canine Christmas Cards

I know, I know way too much alliteration for the morning. But Jody and I are happy to introduce her new Canine (& Cat Too) Christmas Cards. These are custom printed Christmas and other occasion cards that feature the artwork of Jody Wright. These cards are truly unique, especially if you had a canine or cat portrait painted by Jody and would like Christmas Cards. You can see the Canine Christmas Page at:

These Christmas Cards are good even it if you did not have a canine portrait painted by Jody. She has three stock versions of cards shown on the page listed above. If you would like a different canine portrait just look over some of the previously completed portraits at: then email Jody at: and inquire about availability.

These Christmas Cards will be available for order up til November 1, 2008. We want to make sure that there is plenty of time after the cards are made to be able to get them to you and for you to address them and mail to your friends and colleagues.

copyright 2008 Carl Wright

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