Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jody's Book is Available

Great News!

Jody's newest book "50 Secrets Humans Should Know" is now available. It is the culimination of Jody's goal to publish a book that encapuslated her philosophy and paintings in a gorgeous package.

The book, available through most major retailers and Amazon.com, is a delight. When the book is open, two pages face the reader. One page has a copy of one of her paintings and the facing page has a a short thought that goes with the painting.
This personal-sized book is the perfect gift. Click on the link If you would like to see the paintings that are available that are in Jody's new book: http://www.wsggallery.com/Dog%20Series%20Page%201.htm
Happy Reading!
copyright 2008 Carl Wright

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